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In Tune Audio

In Tune Audio is a recording studio located in Stratford, Ontario. We specialize in recording and mixing all styles of music as well as providing jingle writing, location recording, sound design and live sound reinforcement.

In Tune Audio is dedicated to sharing our passion and experience to help others pursue their musical dreams.

We are who You need us to be.

If you:
  • Are a Band looking to record your songs
  • Are a  Songwriter who needs help producing your vision
  • Are a  Rap or hip-hop artist who wants some funky beats
  • Recorded your own music and need some mastering done to put the final polish on your creation
  • Want a recording of your live performance
  • Need sound design for a play or video
  • Are looking to expand your business with a catchy radio jingle

Our History

In Tune Audio was born out of desire to create. We started back in 2000 as a simple facility in Guelph Ontario to help people capture their music and have grown to a full fledged music creation studio to help artists go from song ideas to finished product. In 2005 we relocated to the lovely city of Stratford Ontario.
In that time we’ve worked on a wide array of music with a wide variety of artists from rock bands to opera singers, hip-hop artists to poets. We have also written radio jingles, created sound effects for theatre and recorded audio books.
We’ve gathered a varied collection of equipment that ranges from top quality analog gear to state of the art digital technology and mastered their use. We have a dedicated facility but the flexibility and portability to tackle any location work.
We have been very fortunate to build a large network of top quality musicians and friends who are available to play and expand the possibilities of any project.
At In Tune Audio we are very much about working at the “grass roots” level and helping people achieve their musical goals. One of the ways we strive to do this is by employing young musicians who are interested in recording arts and training and allowing them to experience working in a professional facility.


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